Kids Club #7 - Paper Flowers

Spring is here! With the homemade paper flowers made of crepe paper, we bring a little colour to our home! Have fun crafting!

What kind of material you need:

  • colorful crepe paper (e.g. green crepe for the stem)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Wooden skewer
  • String


  • cut four equally sized pieces in size 12 x 11 cm from the crepe paper
  • put your four pieces of crepe paper on top of each other and fold the leaves from the long side like an accordion.
  • Tie the middle with a piece of thread.
  • Depending on the desired flower shape, cut the paper ends sharply or round.
  • pull the individual layers of crepe paper apart and pluck the flower a little in shape.
  • Finish the paper flower!

Tip: Of course, it looks great when you make several flowers in different sizes, shapes and colors.

Send us your bouquet by e-mail to and win an online creative workshop at Urban Art Kids. The deadline for submissions is 15 March 2021.

We look forward to your art!