Welcome back to the Urban Art Kids podcast 2021 in English. In this episode, we talk to Mexican artist Helena Hernandez about her participation in the Artist in Residence program at Urban Art Kids. Helena has been part of the Urban Art Kids teaching team for more than a year and regularly teaches courses with us.

In December 2020, she stayed in the gallery to work on a beautiful embroidery project that has to do with her childhood. She is the first artist to participate in this AiR program.

In this episode, we talk about how she felt like a child again and had more contact with her family because of the pandemic situation. How all her memories turned into pieces of embroidery, like a girl wearing a fish hat.
Helena also explains why she felt like a tourist in Charlottenburg, as she usually works and lives in Neukölln. The artist’s love and hatred relationship with Neukölln and her hometown of Mexico City. Helena transforms the roughness of the Neukölln neighborhood, where she lives, into her work.

Helena has started a daily embroidery project, which she wants to continue all year round. See Instagram of Helena.

We talked to her about how the pandemic situation affected her life.
She balanced things that kept her busy and information with other things that made her happy. For example, she started baking and growing plants.

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