In recent weeks, Alisa Margolis has come to know different facets of the lockdown. Among other things, she works as a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences International Berlin and teaches design basics there. She faced the challenge of moving analogue art lessons into the digital space. Art comes into play in this digital experience. She also looks after her 8-year-old son in home schooling. There is often not much time left for creative phases in your own studio. However, she and her son discovered the virtual tours of museums such as the British Museum. She also finds that since the lockdown there is a wider range of online art courses. But the founder of the label Ciao Coyote also sees her mission strengthened to bring art into the children’s room. To this end, she works intensively with her son. Will there be new motifs by Ciao Coyote soon? Let me see! We are looking forward to the creative outcome!

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Hey it's art! Ep.19

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