Welcome to our conversation with Larissa Bertonasco, illustrator and artist. We talk to her about the time of the lockdown and the many plans and ideas that have developed from it. Be curious about the stories about the ongoing social projects in support of the artist colleagues and the outlook on your future works and the activities of the “Fritzen” in Hamburg.

Thanks again to Larissa for accompanying “Urban Art Kids” from the beginning and finding the time for this exciting conversation …

“How have you been in the lockdown for the last few months?”

“Directly from the ski holiday into quarantine?”

“Working, at home, in the studio, isolated from colleagues and the outside world?”

“Support for social projects? What is the “Westayathome” action?

We also talk about your work “Voices from Exile” at the Thalia Theater, which deals intensively with the topic of identity.

Larissa is known above all for her wonderfully illustrated and with much love explained cookbooks (among others La nonna La cucina La vita). She is currently working on an ice book with her Italian uncle. He successfully runs the ice cream parlour “Massimo Iysfabriek” in Amsterdam. “Ice connects us all and makes us happy,” larissa says. During the lockdown, this was a small highlight for her family to go to the ice cream parlour once a day.

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Hey it's art! Ep.21

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