After the summer break we welcome you back to the Urban Art Kids Podcast. In the current podcast we talk to Erkan Dörtoluk, who lives and works as a freelance photographer, social media producer and writer in Düsseldorf.

Erkan is best known for his Twitter account “Rheinbahn intimate“. There he posts weekly scraps of conversations, which he listens to on public transport. In 2016, a book was published by Piper Verlag.
During an exhibition by French photographer Guy Bourdin at the NRW Forum in 2005, he discovered his passion for photography. After a short time, he was approached by numerous customers from the automotive industry, the publishing house and also by the Kunstsammlung NRW whether they were allowed to use his photos. In 2007, Erkan completed his training as one of the first IHK certified “social media managers” in Germany. From the very beginning, he accompanied digital photography and its preparation on social media. In our conversation, he reveals to us, among other things, what makes a good picture for him.

On September 5, Erkan will be a guest of Urban Art Kids. In the basic course of photography with his smartphone, he will explain image composition and image editing to children from the age of 10. We are very excited!

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Hey it's art! Ep.22

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