is a contemporary art gallery dedicated to children only. The adolescents should be given a place where they can live out their creativity and let their imagination run wild.


In our regular workshops (for children from 4 years of age) we illuminate the medium of art by educators and artists in all its facets. To this end, we offer varied courses on various topics: artistic techniques, art history as well as individual workshops by artists. Creative design is intended to increase the conscious perception of art and promote cognitive abilities as well as children's personality and self-confidence.

Medium Art

Children should have an easy and playful introduction to art. But also advanced players have the opportunity to develop further.


Whether tape art, watercolor, digital design, ink painting, action painting, street art! We offer different courses on painting techniques.


How does an artist work? Adolescents should get to know our local & international artists personally and immerse themselves in their art world.


What is Dadaism? Who was Andy Warhol? We offer an exciting insight into the past and present of art history.

Cognitive Skills

Children should live out their creativity and imagination at an early age. Attention and concentration are encouraged by the workshops.

Open Classes

Just do it! Let creativity run wild! This is our motto at the Open Classes. Parents are also welcome here.


In the changing art exhibitions, the works of our artists are presented, which mainly appeal to children with their motifs. The works can be purchased both as original and in limited print runs and are an ideal gift for the birth or baptism of a child or for the creative design of children's rooms, living rooms or commercial spaces.


We organize monthly workshops, holiday camps, individual birthday parties and much more. In addition, we present our program here. The workshops will take place in Berlin in the Charlottenburg district.

Holiday workshops

We offer a varied program during the holiday season.

Monthly workshops

Our monthly workshops provide exciting topics for your children.

Children's birthdays

In individual arrangement, we support you at your child's birthday party.

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