Lujon Cordaro

Illustrator | Artist

Born in Argentina, she is originally from Buenos Aires and has lived in Berlin for four years. She previously studied fashion design at the University of Buenos Aires in the Argentine capital. She also attended courses on comics, caricature and art history. In recent years, the illustration of children’s books has become her favourite subject. She also writes regularly for the art magazine Samizdat Online.

Solo exhibitions

The dream under water – Villa Folke Bernadotte, Berlin 2016
Design Night Berlin – commissioned illustration for Fjord ‘Living Services’ Berlin 2015
ExpoRock – El Emergente, Buenos Aires 2013

Group exhibitions

XXS Art Market – Berlin Blue Art Space, Berlin 2016
Winterkunstkabinett Vol. 3
– Nomad Art Gallery, Berlin 2016
Suspended- We are Fair! – Madrid 2016
Redifining Home – Cualquier Verdura, Buenos Aires 2015
Belleza Natural – National Museum of Natural Science, La Plata, Buenos Aires 2013